Al Mocha Port – Specialty Coffee

Rebranding and packaging design for Al Mocha Port, Saudi Arabia, one of the major players in importing and roasting specialty coffee and accessories in the region. A wide range of varieties from producing plantations all over the world is carefully imported for making the best blends for coffee connoisseurs.
The objective was to create a series of packaging that reflects their deeply rooted expertise and uniqueness. The front side is clean with 3 different plain colors, aiming to attract customer attention. The coffee illustration on the sides emphasizes the attentive attitude of the manufacturer to the product selection. A flexible labeling system allows the brand to use the same pouch with different coffee labels as their offerings change throughout the year. Each one of the pouches is bright and perceptible and does not require extra effort from the buyer while making a choice purchase
Client:Al Mocha Port, Saudi Arabia
Services:Rebranding & Packaging